Peak District Landscape Photography Courses

Our next landscape photography courses will be taking place on these dates:

Saturday October 21st around Fox House on the edge of Sheffield. From 10.00am to 5.00pm. Fully booked.

Saturday December 2nd near Matlock in Derbyshire. From 9.30am to 4.30pm. Two places still available.

A tripod will be essential for these courses, but we will have several for loan if you don’t already have one, and we will also have a selection of filters for you to borrow.

Both courses will be limited to just 4 people. Places cost £85.00 per person click here to request a booking form for our landscape photography training courses.

Peak District millstones in autumn. Photo © Chris JamesOur next landscape photography course on October 21st is being held in the area around Fox House on the edge of Sheffield. Timed to coincide with the peaking of the autumn colours, we will be spending part of the day in beautiful oak woodlands, which also have a series of very photogenic waterfalls (perfectly complimented by the colourful fallen leaves) for you to practice long exposure techniques. After a pub lunch, we will be exploring some of the other subjects that the area has to offer – including old quarries with abandoned millstones, an Iron Age hill fort, and moorland with impressive gritstone rock formations. The course runs from 10.00am to 5.00pm.

Waterfall in Derbyshire, where Peak Digital Training runs landscape photography coursesFor our final landscape photography course this year on December 2nd, we will be in a little-known valley near Matlock in Derbyshire. Although short, the valley is quite steep (it drops nearly 200ft in only a few hundred yards), and has probably the most impressive series of waterfalls in Derbyshire. In addition, there are several ruined small mills in the valley, which have been preserved in a state of “romantic decay”, and which offer a wealth of subject matter. Autumn and winter are the best time of year for photography here, once the leaves have fallen from the trees. There is a well made path up the valley, and because it is so short, there will not be much walking involved – though care must be taken because there are some steep drops down to the stream. After lunch in a nearby pub, we will either return to the valley, or go to another nearby location. The course runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm, so will include sunset photography if the weather obliges.

Photographing a waterfall in Derbyshire on a landscape photography course run by Peak Digital TrainingOur landscape photography courses are suitable for owners of digital slrmirrorless or any type of camera that has interchangeable lenses – whether it is Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Samsung or any other make. As intermediate level courses, we concentrate less on the settings on your camera, and more on the creative side of landscape photography.  As the number of people on each course is limited to only 4 people, these courses are less structured than our beginners’ courses, and are flexible enough to address the individual needs of different abilities of photographers.  They are also an ideal follow-up for anyone who has already attended one of our beginners’ digital photography courses.

Subjects covered on these landscape workshops can include:

  • composition for picture impact
  • creative use of lens apertures and shutter speeds for picture impact
  • use of different focal length lenses, filters, and tripods
  • how to get the correct colour balance in your photos
  • shooting in RAW format

We will also be addressing some of the challenges that landscape photographers face in getting correct exposure, using filters and shooting for HDR. Apart from your camera and any lenses you want to bring, a tripod is essential – though we will be able to loan you one if you don’t already have one, and we will also have some filters for you to experiment with if you wish. We will also be bringing a laptop (loaded with various photo software) to allow us to download and view your images during the day – or you are of course welcome to bring your own laptop or tablet if you have one.

As these are the next level of course above our beginners courses, it is assumed that you are already familiar with the basics of photography and how to use your camera in modes other than “all-automatic” mode. If you are not confident about how to set correct exposure, read histograms, and set the focus point, please see here for details of our beginners’ digital photography courses which would probably be more suitable for you.

Please contact us to request a booking form, or if you need any further information. You can also see here for details of our photography courses for beginners or more experienced photographers in other parts of the Peak District.



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