One to one photography, Lightroom and Photoshop training

If you prefer to have customised training on your own rather than with a group of other people, or are unable to attend our one day group photography courses, we are able to offer personalised one to one photography tuition at a time and a place to suit you. One to one training is based entirely around your needs, and has several advantages over group courses :

  • One to one photography training in the East Midlands by Peak Digital Training. Photo © Chris Jamesthe training can take place on a day and at a time that is convenient for you (any day of the week except Saturdays) to fit in with work or family commitments
  • it is available anywhere – including your own home – within a 10 mile radius of Chesterfield (or further away subject to travelling charges)
  • it is tailored to your physical abilities – so if you have limited mobility or have difficulty walking, kneeling etc, we can choose an appropriate location.
  • you can learn at your own pace in a way that best suits you best – without the distraction of other people.
  • the training concentrates just on the areas that you want to learn or improve – whether you are a beginner or more advanced user.

One to one training is very intensive, and in our experience, a 3 or 4 hour session is the ideal length – any more than that leads to “information overload” and is too much for most people. For this reason, we recommend several shorter sessions – with time in between to enable you to practice what you have learnt – rather than a full day’s training. However, if you do want a full day’s training, you can book 2 sessions to run one after the other.
A 3 hour training session costs from just £99.00, and a 4 hour session from just £125.00. Travelling charges apply for locations more than 10 miles form Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Please contact us to check availability and discuss your training requirements.

Training Via Video Link

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and current government restrictions, we are unable to offer face to face training at the present time. However, we are now offering one to one training via video link. To cater for the different computer systems and devices which clients may wish to use, we have tried out various software platforms, and chosen two methods of delivery.
Skype is probably the best known and longest-established platform. It is free to download and use, and works on a wide range of platforms (including PC and Mac desktops and laptops and Android or iOS phones and tablets). You can see the system requirements for Skype here. Skype is also very simple to use, and has the advantage that many people will already be familiar with it.
Google Hangouts is less well known, but potentially even simpler to use, as all it requires for most users is a (free) Google account – which many people already have. A free app will be required for use on mobile devices, but most desktop and laptop users will only have to log in to their Google account before joining the video call. In our tests, we found that image and sound quality seemed to be a bit better than Skype, and the screen sharing options are nice as well. System requirements for Google Hangouts can be seen here.

For either of the above options, you will need to have a webcam and microphone. Most laptops, tablets and many desktop computers (eg iMacs) already have these built in, but if yours doesn’t, separate ones can be connected by USB.

Training via video link is particularly well suited to software training, as you can easily switch between seeing your own computer screen and the trainer’s.

Camera and Photography Training

Our training is suitable for all types of digital camera – from compacts to bridge cameras, mirrorless and dslrs. Since Peak Digital Training was established, we have seen over 220 different makes and models of cameras – including ones from Canon, Fujifilm, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, Samsung and Sony (if we are not already familiar with your camera model, we will learn how it operates before the training session).
Whether you are struggling with a new camera, or just want to understand your existing camera better (e.g. before going on an important trip), we can explain in plain english such things as:

  • what its buttons and dials do
  • how to access the menus, and what the menu items actually mean
  • how the different shooting, metering and focussing modes work
  • how to get correct exposure and colours in your photos
  • when and how to use filters on your camera
  • how to improve the composition of your images

We can offer training on shooting many different types of subjects, with an emphasis on landscapes and nature photography. Popular subjects include waterfalls and moving water, long exposures, night photography, wild flowers and close-ups, and shooting for HDR or panoramas.
Our trainer has an extensive knowledge of Derbyshire and the Peak District, having been photographing it for over 35 years. He can recommend the best locations for your training based on the types of subject, time of year and lighting conditions. These can include not only the better known locations, but also much less well-known and more sensitive ones which are unsuitable for taking larger groups of people.


Adobe Lightroom Training and Problem Solving

As a user of Adobe Lightroom since version 3, our trainer is very familiar with this software which he uses to manage and edit his own large collection of images. He can help you to get started using the application – including where to actually store your images, how to organise them and how to set up your workspace and preferences in the application. For more experienced users, he can teach the whole workflow from importing images from your camera to editing and outputting them for a variety of different purposes.

And if you are having problems with Lightroom (such as if your pictures suddenly seem to have disappeared, or can no longer be edited) we can help you solve them – potentially saving hours of your time.
Best of all, Lightroom training can be carried out using your own computer in your own home.

Photoshop and Photoshop Elements Training

We can offer training in the use of these applications for editing photos – please see here for further details. These are complex applications which are capable of far more than most photographers want or need to do, so please contact us to discuss what techniques you would like to learn, and the training will be tailored accordingly.

Don’t forget that one to one training can also be bought as a gift using our photography training vouchers.