Beginners’ Photography Courses near Sheffield – Getting Off Auto Mode

Learn how to take control of your camera on the beautiful heather moorland near Sheffield!

Photography courses Sheffield. Photo © Chris James

Saturday June 29th – 10.00am to 5.00pm. Only 2 places still available.

Saturday August 3rd – 10.00am to 5.00pm. Fully booked.

Cost £99.00 per person. 

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These practical one day courses are being held outdoors in the area around Fox House, on the edge of Sheffield, and are accessible by public transport. Each course is limited to a maximum of just 6 places, which cost £99.00 each. Please contact us to request a booking form, or if you need any further information about the courses. 

Photographing a stream on a photography course for beginners near Sheffield. Photo © Chris JamesNo prior knowledge of photography is required for these courses – so they are ideal for people who have just bought their first dedicated camera (and have only previously used a smartphone to take photos), as well as those who have only been using their camera in “auto” mode and would like to learn how to use it to its full potential. The course is not just for owners of digital slrs, but is equally suitable for any type of digital camera provided it can be used in other than “all-auto” or “scene” modes – whether it is a compact “point and shoot” camera, travelzoom, bridge, mirrorless, or dslr.

“Chris is a patient and painstaking teacher who works hard to build up a good rapport with all his students. The class was small so people could get individual attention and I discovered a lot of things about my camera that I never even knew existed prior to the course but above all how to use them.  A thoroughly worthwhile experience.”  David.

You will learn about the basic controls and settings that will help you make better and more creative photos. Our emphasis is always on teaching solid photographic techniques – techniques that are relevant not just to your current camera, but also to any others that you will own in the future.

In addition, everyone coming on these courses will receive a printed sheet for their particular make and model of camera, telling you what your camera’s most important controls and menu items are, showing you where to find them, explaining in plain English what they do, and showing you exactly how to set them. We will mainly photographing landscape and nature subjects, but the techniques you will learn are equally applicable to most types of subjects. On these beginners level courses, you will learn:

  • what the different shooting modes on your camera are, and when to use them
  • how to get correct exposure in your photographs by using the right combinations of shutter speeds, lens apertures and ISO
  • how to avoid blurred pictures by setting the correct shutter speed
  • how to set the focus point exactly where you want it
  • get colours in your images the way you want them to look
  • learn about the information your camera gives you both before and after exposures, and how to understand it

You can see what some of our clients have said about our courses here. These are practical courses, and we will be outdoors for the whole day – apart from possibly at lunchtime, when we may go to a local tearoom or pub (though you can bring a packed lunch if you prefer). Then we will have a chance to review your photos from the morning on our laptop. Some walking will obviously be required during the day, but it will be kept to a minimum and not strenuous. Walking boots and appropriate outdoor clothing for the time of year are recommended.

Millstone on moorland near Sheffield. Photo © Chris JamesAll you need to bring on the course is your camera, its instruction manual, and enough memory cards and batteries for the day. A tripod is also useful if you have one (but we have several for loan if you haven’t). Your enthusiasm and creativity are much more important than a bag full of accessories! Our aim is to help you get the most from what you already have, rather than encouraging you to go out and spend lots of money. All the advice we give is completely independent – we have no commercial ties to any manufacturers or suppliers, and all the equipment we use ourselves or loan to clients on our courses has been selected purely on its merits and actually paid for with our own hard earned cash! 

We also run beginners’ and landscape photography courses in other parts of the Peak District. See here for details of all the other digital photography courses that we currently have scheduled.