Peak District Landscape Photography Courses

Landscape photography courses in the Derbyshire Peak District by Peak Digital Training. Photo © Chris James

Our next landscape photography courses in the Derbyshire Peak District will be taking place on the dates below.

All courses are limited to small groups of just 4 photographers to allow everyone to receive plenty of individual attention. Places cost £99.00 each.
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Sunset and night photography course in the Derbyshire Peak District. Photo © Chris JamesSaturday September 23rd – Sunset and Night Photography.

An advanced level course from 4.00pm right up to midnight, with the moon rising 2 hours before sunset. The course will include photography during “golden hour”, sunset and dusk as well as at night. It is set in a very rural location with photogenic old buildings, twisted trees and other subjects for foreground interest. The course is limited to a maximum of only 6 photographers, and places cost £99.00 each. Only 1 place still available.

Autumn landscape photography courses near Sheffield. Photo © Chris JamesSaturday October 21st – Waterfalls and Woodlands in Autumn.

An intermediate level landscape photography course timed to catch the beautiful colours of autumn. It will run from 10.00 am to 6.00pm, so will include photography during “golden hour” right up to sunset time if the weather conditions are suitable. Held on the moors around Fox House (on the edge of Sheffield), the course is accessible by public transport. Subjects will include waterfalls, colourful oak and birch woodlands, old millstone quarries, and natural gritstone outcrops. The course is limited to a maximum of only 4 photographers, and places cost £99.00 each. Fully booked.

Peak District autumn landscape photography course. Photo © Chris JamesSaturday November 18th – Peak District Autumn Landscapes.

A whole day’s photography, starting just after sunrise at 9.00am and finishing after sunset at 4.30pm. Held on the moors around Fox House, this area boasts some of the finest autumn colours in the whole of the Peak District. Subjects will include waterfalls, colourful oak and birch woodlands, abandoned millstones, natural gritstone edges – and possibly even some morning mist! To allow all participants to get plenty of individual attention, the course will be limited to just 4 photographers, with places costing £99.00 each. Fully booked.

Winter landscape photography course in the Peak District. Photo © Chris JamesSaturday December 2nd – Stanton Moor Winter Landscapes Course.

 A full winter day’s intermediate level landscape photography course with a stone circle and other natural subjects as well as photogenic industrial subjects right up to sunset time. Held on and around Stanton Moor in the Peak District between Bakewell and Matlock. Limited to just 4 photographers, with places costing £99.00 each. Only 2 places still available.


A landscape photography course on moorland in the Peak District. Photo © Chris JamesOur landscape photography courses are all held at a range of beautiful locations in Derbyshire or on the edge of Sheffield. We try to avoid the crowds at the most popular spots in favour of quieter areas, which are carefully chosen to be looking at their best at the particular time of year. One of the most popular subjects with clients is using long exposures with moving water, so we try to incorporate some waterfall photography into most of our courses.

The other subjects available will depend on where the course is being held. At different times of the year, we take advantage of subjects such as bluebell woods in the spring, wild flower meadows in summer, purple moorland when the heather is in flower, or autumn colours – but we always take care to provide you with a range of great subject matter on all our courses. Sometimes we stay out until sunset time, so locations are then selected which allow us to take full advantage of “golden hour” and sunset light as well. You can see a selection of lovely images taken by clients on our courses below.

“A huge thank you for yesterday’s photography course, I had a great day, thoroughly enjoyed it and am rather pleased with the results.
The day helped to reinforce what we had learned on the first course and more. It was lovely to have the luxury of a day purely dedicated to taking photos and benefitting from your experience and knowledge.” Janet

You can also read many of the kind comments we have received from some of our hundreds of satisfied clients here

The whole point of these courses is to allow you to immerse yourself in your photography for the day. We are fortunate that the Peak District has so many wonderful locations that are also very accessible. We plan these courses carefully so that we spend the minimum amount of time walking to locations, and the maximum amount of time actually taking photographs. Some walking will be required of course, but we tend to keep to tracks and footpaths, and aim to limit it to no more than about 15 minutes’ walk from our vehicles – so these courses should be well within the physical capabilities of most people.

Depending on the course locations, we may be walking on moorland where the paths are often rough and uneven, and there could be muddy or boggy areas. If we are in the White Peak, we may have stiles to cross to get over drystone walls, so that should be borne in mind as well.  If you have any mobility or health problems that could affect your participation in the courses, you are advised to contact us before booking to enquire about the level of physical fitness required.

Courses usually last between 7 and 8 hours, with a break for lunch. That also allows us to check the morning’s work on the laptop that we bring along. As we spend the rest of the day in the great outdoors, outdoor clothing which is appropriate for the time of year is necessary. Normal walking gear is fine and hiking boots are strongly advised, but no other special equipment is generally required (if it is, it will be mentioned in the course description). 

As our landscape courses are intended for more experienced photographers, we assume that you already know what the buttons and dials on your camera do, and concentrate more on showing you how to use your camera more creatively. Subjects covered may include:

  • composition for picture impact
  • creative use of lens apertures, shutter speeds and focal length
  • how to get the colours looking the way you want them in your photos
  • tips for shooting in RAW format for maximum quality
  • shooting in fully manual (M) mode
  • how and when to use different types of filters on your lenses
  • correct tripod technique

An Olympus mirrorless compact system camera on a landscape photography course in the Derbyshire Peak District run by Peak Digital Training. Photo © Chris JamesOur landscape photography courses are most suitable for digital sirmirrorless or any type of interchangeable lens camera – whether it is Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Samsung or any other make. Many compact and bridge cameras are also suitable, but some have certain limitations due to lack of manual controls, and whether or not filters can be attached to them. Please contact us for advice if you are unsure whether your camera is suitable. A tripod will also be essential on these courses, but we have several good sturdy ones for loan if you don’t already have one, and we also have several sets of filters (neutral density, graduated neutral density and polarising) that you can borrow as well.

As these are all intermediate level rather than beginners’ level courses, it is important that you are already familiar with the basics of photography and how to use your camera in other than the “all-automatic” and scene modes. If you are not confident about how to set correct exposure, use exposure compensation, read histograms, and set the exact point of focus, please see here for details of our beginners’ digital photography courses where we teach those skills.

If these course dates are not convenient for you, why not consider some one to one photography training which can be arranged at a place and time that best suits you?