Testimonials From Clients

What clients have to say about Peak Digital Training's photography courses. Photos © Chris James

Here are some kind comments from just a few of our hundreds of clients. You can also read our 5 star reviews on Google here.

“Just a note thanking you for the memorable day you gave us yesterday, and that is not because of the weather. The information and knowledge which you passed onto us in a very relaxed way was in my opinion excellent and believe me I have been on a lot of courses.”  Tim

“Many thanks for yesterday’s course, I really enjoyed the day. It’s always a pleasure listening to someone who has a vast knowledge of their subject.
Going through the basics has refuelled my interest in photography with a camera as opposed to point and shoot with the mobile. I will endeavour to do plenty of practice now…”  Janet

Photographing bluebells on a landscape photography course in Derbyshire. Photo © Chris James“Many thanks for a brilliant and enjoyable workshop last Saturday near Birchover.
Your knowledge of the environment in Derbyshire is mind blowing and I know the rest of the group also thought so.”  Stuart

“I would like to thankyou for a really enjoyable experience yesterday. Your knowledge of cameras, photography and individual guidance you provide I am certain is very much appreciated by all who attend and certainly makes the day successful. Moreover the historical information you provide of the area, specific nature and archaeology facts only adds to the days enjoyment. Once again many thanks for providing a good start in photography (still plenty to learn). Keep up the good work and enthusiasm.” Mike

“Just a note to thank you for yesterday. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. It was amazing how quickly the day passed; I hadn’t once looked at my watch to check the time!”  Moira

“The course was exactly what I needed, thank you for all your help, it’s was pitched perfectly.”  Andrea

Peak District landscape photography workshop. Photo © Chris James“Just a quick note to say thank you for the Night time photography course. I really enjoyed it and I am already thinking differently about my photography with a much better understanding of histograms etc.”  Robert

“would like to say thank you for such an informative and helpful day. I’ve been out today getting a few photos with your techniques and found my results have been much better.” Richard

“Thank you so much for the course, it was excellent. I learned so much and really appreciated your patience. The time absolutely flew by.” Gail

“Been on a Level 1 photography course today…… Chris James, the tutor, was excellent. Very patient and knowledgeable. Not only About photography but also the history, geology and botany of the area. Looking forward to Level 2. Thank you.”  Rebecca

“I really enjoyed the beginners course. Your approach was very appealing and easy to understand, pitched at the right level and extremely informative.
The personalised briefing sheets are excellent, I will use them religiously until I learn how to use the camera with confidence. I would highly recommend your
tuition to anyone. Well done and thank you.”  Brian

Landscape photography course on moorland near Sheffield. Photo © Chris James“Chris is a patient and painstaking teacher who works hard to build up a good rapport with all his students. The class was small so people could get individual attention and I discovered a lot of things about my camera that I never even knew existed prior to the course but above all how to use them.  A thoroughly worthwhile experience.”  David

“Thanks again, I’m exposing better shots for work since the course, using the histogram more, and taking into account composition tips like not having lighter elements at the edge of the frame drawing the eye away. All super useful!”  Rob

Thank you for an excellent course last Saturday. Lots more knowledge now on the dials and buttons and am now beginning to see the differences they make. Your patience in going over stuff from my first course which I had forgotten is very much appreciated. Again, you managed to have the perfect mix of photographers which added to the enjoyment.”  Richard

“Thanks once again for running the course & explaining some of the mysteries of my DSLR, I thoroughly enjoyed the day & found the content, location & the company to be excellent.”  Dave

Photography course on moorland near Sheffield by Peak Digital Training. Photo © Chris JamesI’m sitting here now watching the sun set and taking pictures, one week on! so that is good for me.
The course was just brilliant thank you very much.”  Vanessa

“Thank you so much for Saturday, it was a complete revelation. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would be happy to complete a review….  I’m looking forward to practising on holiday next week. In fact, I saw the sky tonight and jumped in the car and drove round the corner to try my first sunset shot off auto and someone else pulled up to do the same!”  Sharon

“Thanks for Saturdays course which was a real eye opener. The small group setting was ideal for my learning needs and gave ample opportunity for questions and the ability to influence the curriculum underpinned that. With each course I take, I come away with a renewed enthusiasm, broader creative opportunities and greater photographic confidence. Well done and keep up the good work.”  Howard

Photographing moving water on a Peak District landscape photography course. Photo © Chris James“Thanks once again for running the course & explaining some of the mysteries of my DSLR, I thoroughly enjoyed the day & found the content, location & the company to be excellent.”  David

“Just to thank you for an excellent course today that covered everything I needed to know and has really fired my enthusiasm to use my new found knowledge! In fact I’d better do so quickly before I forget it!”  Chris

“Thank you for the mind-boggling but eye-opening photography sessions on Saturday. Jill and I are attempting to be anti-automatic and had you been looking through the window of a certain Matlock café today, you would have seen us practicing using their vases of flowers. Your crib sheets have become our best friends. In addition to the in-cottage tutorials, I enjoyed the ornithological, topographical, botanical and historical input when we went to the pub!”  Anne

Using a mirrorless compact system camera on a beginners' photography course run by Peak Digital Training in the Peak District. Photo © Chris James“Thanks for Saturday’s course. Top drawer. Learned a lot which has changed my approach to landscape.” Robert

“again I learnt masses on Saturday. Thanks for your input.”  Oliver

“just wanted to say many thanks for your patient teaching today. Really enjoyed learning today despite the weather!!”  Yolande

“Really enjoyed the course, definitely learnt a lot and am looking forward to experimenting more with the camera! Thanks for a lovely day!”  Tracy

“Thanks for an excellent day, I would certainly recommend it to anyone.”  Andy

Photographing a stream on a photography course near Sheffield. Photo © Chris James“Thank you for a brilliant day on Saturday I really enjoyed it…. I would be interested in another course in the future and will be recommending it to my friends!”  Katie

“I had an excellent day and feel like I learnt loads. You’ll be glad to hear I went out on Sunday and took a few.”  Jose

“Thank you again for a very informative day. I got to work with Photomatix and Photoshop as soon as I got in, and am at work on it again this afternoon.” Gordon

“we both had a great time and really enjoyed the day. We learnt a lot too.”  Philip

Photographing hens on a photography course in the Peak District. Photo © Chris James“I just wanted to say thanks for a week last Saturday. It was a really enjoyable day and I felt that I learnt a lot and reinforced a lot of the principles that I already knew so thank you.” Daniel

“Thank you for the link and for all your help on Saturday, it was incredibly useful!”  Olivia

“Our meet up was very productive and useful, thank you. You’ve helped to consolidate what I knew and to de-mystify some of the areas I’d never quite got to grips with. By removing the elements of chance and good luck, I’ll now stand a much better chance of moving forward.
I now feel more confident about going into partnership with my camera and working with it, rather than being a bit afraid of it! Thanks again for a super day.”  Alison

A landscape photography course run by Peak Digital Training in the Peak District. Photo © Chris James“Thanks once again for the brilliant course …”  Kevin

“Thanks for the time you spent with Anna, she really had a good time and it’s really encouraged her.  Jim

“Ken & I really enjoyed the course on Saturday. Thank you so much for all the information you sent in your email. It was very kind of you to go to all that trouble.
We are off on holiday tomorrow so will be packing our cameras and putting your advice into practice. Once I get to grips with the camera and have done a bit more experimenting will be in touch to complete stage 2!”  Caroline

“Meant to drop you an email ages ago after I attended the beginners course back in early March at Cromford. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.”  Jude

“I found the session really useful and will make sure I put it to practice!”  Louise